Tuesday, September 6, 2016
New Era of INVESTATION, 3% for Lifetime

Do you everheard Telegram application on android?

After installing TELEGRAM, i found Lara. She is a bot. Inside Lara I found earning tab. Is this offer a scam attempt? because they promised to give any investor a 3% share per day. It means, break even point occur in 34 days. After 34 day, all earned cash, are total pure dividen.

TOO BAD, they only support Bitcoins, and Perfect Money.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Shoe Modeling Tutorial 01: Model and animate a red high heel shoe

 Welcome back to Kobold Charakteranimation Tutorials! Today we are going to model a red high heel shoe. Let us start by saying that you will need to invest a good amount of time to make your shoe look good and if you don’t, well your shoe will look accordingly.

You will need:
- 1 JPG image of a high heel shoe
- a fully rigged character

1.- For today’s approach we will need a good picture of a high heel shoe. So, first open up a search engine such as google and under “pictures“ type: sarenza twitter_pic2. Download and save this picture on your computer.

We want to redraw the side of the shoe inside CINEMA 4D using the Create Polygon Tool. For that purpose, we will need to load this picture as our background picture.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rigid Body, Effector and Attractor

These are the project as uploaded the sample here
Dangle Rig Project Files :
Displacer Deformer Project Files :
Diagonal Stripes Project Files :
Disco Ball Project Files :
Domino Circle Project Files :
Domino Shape Project Files :
Draw On Sphere Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty80E 
Explode And Attract Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty80I
Eye Stripes GIF Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty80D
Falling Sphere Loop GIF Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty80K
Falling Squares Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty80V
Fill Rig Concept Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty802
Film Reel Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty807
Flag Wave CU Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty8qw
Flourish 01 Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty8qu
Flourish 02 Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty8qs
Flourish 03 Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty8qj
Garbage Can Ping Pong Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty8qc
GI TestIng R13 Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty8qQ
Glass Neon Spheres Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty8qY
Global Illumination Spheres Test Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty8qA
Grass CU Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty8qH 
Grass Wave Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty8qX
Gravity Slam Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty8qM
Green Flower Open Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty8q5
Growing Donuts Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty8w0
GSG Thrausi Test Project Files : http://sh.st/Ty8Fb
Saturday, March 12, 2016



Several years ago, I accidentally uploaded one short moment into YouTube. I told my friends about it and in no time hits rake to hundreds. One of my friend also say that “You can put some ads, see if it gives You something later” then that is it, I began to see “monetization” tab, and follow  the procedures.

Months later I see dollars in analytic tab, but I’m not happy. I’m curious, is everyone else knew already and only me that just aware of it? So I began to search for YouTuber income, I landed on one of YouTube statistics site that reveals shocking fact.

It said that there is a mom with two daughters that earn estimated 5K USD monthly, the more opening eyes statistics they write, is that the earning range almost tripled of it-max, so a mom with two little daughter earn 5K USD to 15K USD each months from YouTube.